Strengthening the ITSM Core  

  • Change Management:  
    • Request a Change from the Portal  
    • Reoccurring / scheduled Changes  
  • Notifications: Advanced management capabilities   
    • Expand notifications support to additional ITSM objects  
    • Exclude group notifications  
    • Daily email digest  
  • Ticket Templates: Be able to have pre-filled tickets for quicker ticket creation time  
  • Custom State Colors and Portal Name: Ability to change the state color and customize the state name on the portal  
  • Dynamic Forms:  provide an efficient way to collect and validate inputs that are context dependent 
  • Application menu – a docked, left side menu for easier and faster access to menu options 


  • Dashboard Enhancements:  
    • Advanced filtering in the incident's widgets  
    • Ability to Change the widget view and ‘group by’ selection in the incident's widgets 
    • New widgets to cover Service Statistics  
    • Ability to create a custom widget from the incident data   
  • Reports Enhancements:   
    • Adding new reports: 
      • Advance Service Statistics 
      • Open-tickets age distribution  
    • Enhancing existing reports and report’s functionality: 
      • CSV output option for scheduled reports 
      • Making the 'Manual Time Tracking' reports clickable so you can better understand how the time was spent  
  • New filtering capabilities   
  • PowerBI connector 


Workflows and Automation  

  • Automation rules: Create records   

Service Engagements  

  • Mobile:  
    • Other assets 
    • Change management  
    • Tasks & approvals access for service task users 
  • Portal:  
    • Introduce components which display different types of data  
    • Ability to customize the layout of your portal by adding/removing and resizing components  
  • Integrations: 
    • Integrate with Microsoft Teams for creating new incident tickets 

Admin & Setup  

  • Re-organize the setup menu: Separate first-time setup items from the daily administration of application preferences (e.g. automations, email templates, etc.).  
  • Delegate admin functions: Allow admins to add roles with select setup privileges  



  • Jamf integration – import asset information from Jamf (Apple devices) 
  • The Visual SLA timer is extremely cool and URHCS would definitely assist with any beta opportunities.


    Michael Clark

  • The removal of access to the Ideas page (previously used for customer feedback and voting purposes) is a step backward IMHO.

    I used the Chat function to indicate that the Change request forms need the same notification functions for Notes and Approver comments, which otherwise sit there unnoticed.  Apparently that request had 3 votes before the Ideas page was removed from public view.  Now we (customers) cannot understand the process by which the next "Idea" is chosen and progressed.  So be it, but please put it on the roadmap to align the interfaces consistently.  Change requests Notes also don't have the @username function - just make them Comments instead so we can react to challenges to the Change Request - we have hundreds, and currently it's a manual check - that's surely not intended by the dev team?

  • I would love to participate in your Beta program.  A priority matrix would be a great addition whereby we can set the Impact and the Urgency to auto generate a Priority, or manually override the priority.

  • Agree with  , @ mentions should be added to any of the comment fields.  We're adding a ton of solutions, and it would be great to mention one of our other team members so they get a notification to review and approve.  Thanks!

  • Forgive my lack of knowledge, and expertise with this product.   How difficult is it to assign to external queues or other ticketing software.  Example working with Vendors.  We might have a MSP or a vendor co-supported application or system which we take tickets fro our system, and assign them to a queue where it forwards to their system for processing, when they close out their tickets and it notifies us and closed ours.  Can this do that?  

  • Any ETA on when this could be done? 

    Ticket Templates: Be able to have pre-filled tickets for quicker ticket creation time 

  • A little belatedly, but thanks for recently making the interface consistent in Change Records per my request at the end of last year - that completely removes the headache that was managing activity on changes when we didn't have notifications.  Good job!

  • Ticket Templates: Be able to have pre-filled tickets for quicker ticket creation time

    Any ETA on when this could be done?