Can a requestor choose a priority level or due date when they create a ticket?

We've used WHD for several years and just made the jump to Service Desk.  Our IT team is tiny- we don't escalate tickets- we just dog pile on them and get them resolved as soon as humanly possible, based on our institutional knowledge.  So, in WHD, the client who creates the ticket would select a priority level and had the option of selecting a due date.  Our IT team could override that if we felt it necessary.  That doesn't appear to be a feature in Service Desk, at least not in the default build-out.  I don't see why I need to build an automation - I just need an end user/requestor to tell me when they need their request resolved, or at least self-assign it a priority.  Our IT team doesn't have time to delegate tickets or escalate or prioritize all of them, we rely on our users to give us a hint as to their urgency.  We have no need to run metrics on our SLA, because our bosses don't care as long as we solve things in a timely manner.  Am I crazy?  I'm shocked there isn't a built-in way to do this from the requestor side.