Looking to populate ServiceDesk Inventory from a .csv file

We recently converted to SolarWinds Service Desk from another tool and want to import our existing Inventory information into Service Desk.  We have our own asset tags that we need to be able to associate with the equipment and prefer not to do this step manually.
  • I am trying to do something similar- import from another asset management service where I have a handful of custom fields.  I can create the same custom fields in Service Desk, but I cannot migrate/map the old data fields to the new system custom fields.  It's hard to imagine why using a CSV to import and map would not allow one to use new fields.  Might be a deal breaker if we can't bring over all of our asset data, and I'm not going to manually enter 2500 records' custom fields.

  • I did something similar using PowerShell and the Samanage API. I'm basically reading from a CSV export of one system, iterating through the list, and using the API call to map the desired fields and create new assets.

    I'm happy to share a code sample and walk through how to get started using the Samanage API if you'd like. Just let me know!