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I have been working on setting up the AzureAD provisioning for Solar Winds (ref). It appears to be updating users correctly, but it will not create a new user. I keep receiving an error "AzureActiveDirectoryRolesExpectedInComplexFormat". The role mapping is entered exactly as specified in the instruction docs, and I am even unable to change the mapping (it keeps reverting back to default). Does anyone know if there's a resolution to this so I can create users in my Solar Winds tenant?

Similarly, I am also trying to update some custom fields, but have been unable to do that. Is this possible via the AzureAD provisioning functionality?

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  • I have not tried mapping a custom attribute, but user provisioning is working fine here. For the attribute mapping I have the Azure AD Attribute AppRoleAssignmentsComplex([appRoleAssignments]) mapped to the Samanage attribute roles.

    When I go to the users and groups section to add a user I get to select from a list of all the roles in the Service Desk.

  • Thanks for the response. As I was testing some more, I realized that I had not selected a role for the user (I had added a group of users on the AzureAD side, but not selected any available role). So it seems that the provisioning was failing due to what basically amounts to a null value I guess.

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