Service Catalog questions on right edge of screen for users

We have a strange issue with our SWSD when users choose an item from the Service Catalog.

All the questions only appear on the far right side of the screen, for users.

Pictured below:

If I look at items from the Service Catalog, they appear as I would expect them to, pictured below:

These screenshots were taken on the same system, just logged into different accounts (a user, and then mine).

This has been this way since I've started here June of last year, and no one else seems to know how to fix it.

I have googled it, but could find no related results.

I'm there's some easy solution, but it eludes me.

It's not a deal breaker, but it is annoying.  Just alot of wasted space and some questions or help text cannot be seen in full due to the small area devoted to the actual catalog questions.


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