What We're Working On for SWSD (Updated: April 13th, 2022)

Strengthening the ITSM Core   

  • Service Catalog: Replace variables with custom fields to increase efficiency and allow reuse of fields and forms between service catalog items (Released 4/3)
  • Dynamic Forms:  provide an efficient way to collect and validate inputs that are context dependent  (Released 4/3)
  • Application menu: A docked, left side menu for easier and faster access to menu options.  (Released 3/20)
  • Add support for nested user groups. 
  • Support updating the creator of a solution (Released 3/20)
  • Moving Network Devices to CI data model
  • Alt-text for images via text editor (Accessibility) (New)
  • Sort by resolution code (New)



  • Reports Enhancements:   Make the 'Manual Time Tracking' reports clickable so you can better understand how the time was spent
  • PowerBI connector  
  • CSV export option for scheduled reports (New)


Workflows and Automation   

  • Provide a way to test workflows without changing the workflows and without submitting actual service requests 
  • Copy/paste workflow nodes
  • Asset automation rules 


Service Engagements   

  • Integrations:
    • Improving the integration we have with Microsoft Teams  
    • Integration with PowerBI 
    • Additional integration’s use case with DRE 
    • Import computers via InTune



Security & Access Control 

  • Support advanced email protection such as Microsoft Safe Links, by changing the flow for approval, satisfaction survey, and task notification emails. (Released)


Discovery/Asset Management

  • Split name and IP address columns (New)

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  • Hey y'all, so sorry for the delay here! Looks like I didn't have notifications turned on for this page so I didn't see any of these coming through. No excuses but I should be getting notifications from this page now to help get y'all answers quicker. 

    In regards to what has been released, we post all releases in the forum part of this community with a brief description of the use case for each feature. We are also updating this post with new titles next to features when released or if they are new to this page. We are trying to update this page every month so if a feature is released, you'll see it marked on this page as released for roughly a month. 

    Hope this helps answer your question!

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