What We're Working On for SWSD (Updated: April 13th, 2022)

Strengthening the ITSM Core   

  • Service Catalog: Replace variables with custom fields to increase efficiency and allow reuse of fields and forms between service catalog items (Released 4/3)
  • Dynamic Forms:  provide an efficient way to collect and validate inputs that are context dependent  (Released 4/3)
  • Application menu: A docked, left side menu for easier and faster access to menu options.  (Released 3/20)
  • Add support for nested user groups. 
  • Support updating the creator of a solution (Released 3/20)
  • Moving Network Devices to CI data model
  • Alt-text for images via text editor (Accessibility) (New)
  • Sort by resolution code (New)



  • Reports Enhancements:   Make the 'Manual Time Tracking' reports clickable so you can better understand how the time was spent
  • PowerBI connector  
  • CSV export option for scheduled reports (New)


Workflows and Automation   

  • Provide a way to test workflows without changing the workflows and without submitting actual service requests 
  • Copy/paste workflow nodes
  • Asset automation rules 


Service Engagements   

  • Integrations:
    • Improving the integration we have with Microsoft Teams  
    • Integration with PowerBI 
    • Additional integration’s use case with DRE 
    • Import computers via InTune



Security & Access Control 

  • Support advanced email protection such as Microsoft Safe Links, by changing the flow for approval, satisfaction survey, and task notification emails. (Released)


Discovery/Asset Management

  • Split name and IP address columns (New)

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