What We're Working On for SWSD (Aug 4th, 2023)

Recently Released  

  • Strengthening the ITSM Core     
  • Virtual Agent April 19  
  • Catalog item request count  April 19  
  • Use pop-up modal on index page to enable better in-line editing April 19  
  • Auto save text in comments and other text fields April 19  
  • Relate changes to changes (or any other type of record to be linked) June 4 
  • Custom satisfaction surveys May 21 
  • Allow @ mentions on the portal July 16 

  • Workflows and Automation  
  • Provide a way to test workflows without changing the workflows and without submitting actual service requests April 19 
  • Runbooks April 19  
  • Be able to use an input in the task name May 21 


  • Integrations   
  • Power BI connector – Microsoft Marketplace June 25


  • Discovery / Asset management  
  • Discovery Linux Agent (Beta version) April 19  
  • Windows Discovery Agent MSI July 16 
  • Mobile  
  • Allow the STU users to see and complete tasks on the mobile app that were assigned to them February 28  
  • Add Windows defender to Discovery Agent June 4 



What We’re Working On  

Strengthening the ITSM Core     

  • Dynamic approvers 
  • View approvers comments in the portal 
  • Enterprise Service Management (ESM)/Beyond IT  
  • Support multiple service providers in a single tenant  
  • Canned responses for agents (New) 
  • Select related asset from portal (New) 
  • Allow back dating of incident creation date (New) 



  • PowerBI Integration:
    • Send incremental data using the Power BI connector 
    • Add assets data to the Power BI connector and additional fields to incidents
  • Pull additional incident data (New) (THWACK Post/Voting)   


Workflows and Automation     

  • Assets automation (New) 
  • Modify inputs after service request submission  
  • Field input when attaching runbooks (New) 



  • Get incremental data using the API (New 
  • API: Add fields documentation 
  • API: Add custom fields to groups API call (New) 
  • Improve service desk API Documentation  


Discovery / Asset management  

  • Jamf Pro implementation - Add iOS Mobile Devices (New) 
  • Add the ability to select a IP range or subnet IP (New) 
  • Integration with Patch Management tool(s) (New 
  • Move Network Devices to CI data model (New) 


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Top Comments

  • Hi  

    In a nutshell, what we're planning to provide is the ability to set up "sub-tenants" of Service Desk for different departments (such as HR, Facilities, Finance, and Legal) within the same…

  • Hi  

    In a nutshell, what we're planning to provide is the ability to set up "sub-tenants" of Service Desk for different departments (such as HR, Facilities, Finance, and Legal) within the same organization's service desk tenant. These sub-tenants will each have their own ticket management, service catalog,  service portal, knowledge base, etc. All of the service portals could be pointed to by the organization's services home/landing page, to make it easier to access all services. 

    You can find more information here: Responses to Webinar Questions under the Beyond IT section

  • Thank you Joey and the team for the update, 

    can you further clarify what is planned  in  "Support mulitple service providers for single tent  ?. 

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