What We're Working On for SWSD (Updated: April 13, 2021)

Strengthening the ITSM Core  

  • Service Catalog: Replace variables with custom fields to increase efficiency and allow reuse of fields and forms between service catalog items
  • Dynamic Forms:  provide an efficient way to collect and validate inputs that are context dependent 
  • Application menu: A docked, left side menu for easier and faster access to menu options.  
  • Task Management:
    • Make each task and approval an “object” in the application. This will allow us relate tasks, add comments, create custom fields, time tracking, and custom task states in the future
    • Add comments and resolution notes on tasks and approvals
  • Field Dependencies: The ability to create multi-level field dependencies such as Country – City or additional category levels.



  • Dashboard Enhancements:  
    • Enhancing the Asset Management widget’s options
  • Reports Enhancements:     
    • Enhancing existing reports and report’s functionality: 
      • Enhancing the Asset Management reporting
      • CSV output option for scheduled reports 
      • Allow the generic search to look for reports as well
      • Making the 'Manual Time Tracking' reports clickable so you can better understand how the time was spent  
  • New filtering capabilities   
  • PowerBI connector 


Workflows and Automation  

  • Time based automation. Example: Automatically alert on or act on time sensitive events, such as lack of action/progress
  • Update text-based fields


Service Engagements  

  • Portal:  
    • Multiple announcements that can be scoped by site & department
    • Updated designs:
      • New Incident page
      • My Requests
      • My Tasks
  • Integrations: 
    • Integrate with Microsoft Teams for creating new incident tickets
    • Integrate with Microsoft Intune to collect mobile assets 
    • Integration with PowerBI
    • Improving the integration with Solarwinds Orion by automatically mapping the Orion Node to the corresponding Asset or CI that are stored in Service Desk

Admin & Setup  

  • Continue to re-organize the setup menu to group related items together
  • Permissions audit-trail: Show which permissions were changed and who made the changes.



  • Jamf integration: Support using a non-standard port number.



  • API documentation: Redesigned API documentation