Updates and Enhancements: New navigation out of labs, add missing requesters to the user list

User List Expansion:

If someone new emails your IT support address, SWSD will create a ticket on that person's behalf. However, if the incoming email address is from a domain not a part of the approved domains list, the user is added to the drop-down user list but not the main user list located in setup – users & groups - users. Eventually this caused an issue for some customers, as the drop-down list became too crowded, and administrators couldn’t maintain it. Now, with this new functionality, this issue is resolved.

Service Desk administrators can now see all users in the main user list in setup – users & groups - users. The users page in the setup section now has two tabs:

1) Allowed Domains

2) External Domains

This enhancement allows administrators to either disable or convert an external domain user to an allowed domain user with a single click.

New navigation out of labs:

A new, fixed, left side panel menu that is designed for easier and faster navigation. The menu structure has been slightly changed to accommodate a cleaner and simpler option list. The menu shows labels for each option in expanded mode, and can be collapsed to show icons only, to regain screen real-estate.

  • This was an update made back in late September / October... Due to email filters, etc catching links, all approval emails are now bringing staff in to the tool to approve. It threw us for a loop too and is not making our users happy.

  • More specifically, I no longer have the ability to Approve or Decline a change directly from the email notification.  Instead, the notifications now only offer me the option of clicking a link that takes me to the Change in the platform to execute the approval.

  • I've noticed that the Change notification templates have changed but don't see that announced in the release notes.  Where can I find details on that change?  

  • Please do something really important!
    People are asking:
    - use of variables in the name of approval tasks
    - decision templates when solving an incident
    - ability to create an approval task for an incident