Updates and Enhancements: Microsoft Teams Integration, Prevent service request ticket resolution with open tasks, Field Logic for Custom Forms (Labs)

Microsoft Teams Integration

We added our first phase of the integration between SolarWinds Service Desk and Microsoft Teams. The scope of this phase is basic but an important one: to allow users (requesters) to open a ticket directly from Teams, exactly like they can do via email. This new integration goes hand in hand with the rising trend of letting users continue to use their existing tools, avoiding the need to learn new tools or new collaboration methods.

Go here to read more about this functionality.


Prevent service request ticket resolution with open tasks:

We added a new option that allows you to block service requests from being closed as completed, if there are still incomplete tasks associated with the service request. This helps your organization enforce proper processing of requests. The new option, 'Resolve Incomplete Service Requests', can be found under Setup->Service Desk Settings.


Field Logic for Custom Forms (Labs)

Field Logic enables you to control when fields are displayed, hidden, required, optional and more, according to conditions based on other fields that are located on the same form. This functionality is an enhancement to our current Dynamic Forms feature under Labs.

Field Logic for Service Catalog will follow soon after gathering customer feedback regarding this functionality. So please feel free to share your thoughts on this!

Example use case: Require entry of the phone model during incident submission. An issue was found in one of the phone models a company has provided to new employees. The company would like to require users to submit the phone model in order to handle issues more effectively.

Steps to set the logic:

  1. Make sure you have Dynamic Forms enabled under Labs.
  2. Click 'View Logic' on the relevant custom form.
  3. Define the relevant Conditions
  4. Define the relevant Actions

Note: fields with applied logic will be marked with a 'Logic' label.

Coming soon out of labs: New Application Menu and New Reports UI

We will soon be taking out of labs two things:

  1. The new application menu: A new, fixed, left side panel menu that is designed for easier and faster navigation. The menu structure has been slightly changed to accommodate a cleaner and simpler option list.
  2. The new reports UI that includes a zoom-in capability

This is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with these enhancements, which can be activated from Labs, before they become available to all.

  • Field logic is great and sorely needed but it definitely needs to come to Service Catalog ASAP. Then the real testing can begin. Thanks for all of the team's efforts!

  • Teams integration definitely needs to be added at the channel level to allow anyone to submit a ticket (maybe with just a / command?). The current iteration requires individuals to add the add-in and also doesn't automatically integrate with their O365 SSO login. This all just seems like too many steps, especially when compared to simply sending an email.

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