Updates and Enhancements: Link records to original record via automations, prevent ticket resolution with open tasks, and remove software types

Create Record Action: Add Ability to link created record to origin record:

We have added an option to link a newly created incident to the original incident if that incident was created via an automation rule. This takes away another manual step your agents had to take to make sure all related incidents were tied to each other.


  • An incident for Outlook access issues gets submitted from the portal and you have an automation rule that automatically creates another incident to add the user to active directory. Once that new ticket gets created, the automation rule can now relate that newly created incident to the original incident.

 See more of how automations work here.

Prevent change ticket resolution with open tasks:

We added a new option that allows you to block changes from being closed as completed, if there are still incomplete tasks associated with the change. This helps your organization enforce proper processing of changes. Read more here.

Remove Software Type Records: 

No longer do you need to look through a long list of software titles that have 0 installs! You can now remove these software titles by clicking on the software record and hitting the remove button in the top right. Have no fear, if that piece of software reports back on another device we will create it again for you.


Add category information to subcategory-based permissions/restrictions:

When viewing category/sub-category permissions assigned to a role, you will now see both the category and subcategory names. This change will make it easier to understand the specifics of granted permissions when multiple categories have the same sub-category names.

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