Now Available: Dynamic Forms and Variables Converted to Custom Fields

Please review the in-depth documentation about these features on our Success Center here

We are excited to announce the release of dynamic forms and variables converted to custom fields!

Dynamic Forms:

Dynamic forms give you the ability to have different standalone forms present themselves across multiple modules based on rules you define. Need a certain form to appear when you set an incident to a certain category, no problem. What if I need a form to appear based on both a category selection and a selection made in a custom field? Not a problem! With dynamic forms you will be able to create rules to handle all of these situations. 

Variables converted to custom fields:

No more are the need to recreate variables for each and every service catalog item that you have to also manage individually. Moving forward, all fields used in service catalog items will be custom fields that can be reused in as many catalog items as you see fit. Not only does this make creating a new service catalog item a breeze but also makes updating/managing these fields even easier. Update the field in one place and have the confidence that its updated in all locations. 

Please feel free to post any feedback or questions about this release in the comments below.

  • Made an account so I could come ask this...any chance the use of referencing custom fields in a service catalog / task item can be a thing some day?  For example if I have a custom field "Customer" in my form, being able to call {{Customer}} in every task / email / whatever process step I want to use it in?

  • First off, welcome to the THWACK community! Yes, in our plans to enhance the task management area of SWSD we want to allow you to use custom fields in task titles and also add custom fields to tasks themselves.

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