Time-Based Automation Rules, Intune Integration & Additional Updates

Asset Management: Discovery and CMDB 

1. New! Microsoft Intune MDM Integration

We are glad to announce the addition of the native integration to Microsoft Intune MDM. This will allow you to pull mobile device data collected by Intune and pull information to SolarWinds Service Desk without installing Discovery agents.  Follow these steps to integrate Service Desk and Intune, which will allow you to attach mobile devices to users, incidents, and other objects in Service Desk.  

2. Discovery Scanner Scanning Frequency Update

We have removed the “Minutes” frequency from the Discovery Scanner scanning options when setting up a new scan. The new minimum available frequency is 1 hour. 
Your current minute frequency scanning setup will continue to operate as usual until you decide to change it. Any new scans will not support this frequency. This change was done to reduce the possibility of overlapping scans and unnecessary overhead on the network. 

Workflow and Automation

1. Time-Based Automation Rules
The larger or more mature your IT organization is, the more automation can help you streamline and accelerate service delivery and cut down operational costs, repetitive manual work, and human error. Today we’re excited to present you with the even more powerful automation functionality – “Time-Based Automation conditions.” This new functionality allows you to configure automatic actions based on date and time fields relevant to a specific record’s lifecycle 


  • Send a notification to the relevant assignee or team when creating a ticket outside of business hours. 
  • Send a notification to an assignee when a ticket is past due date. 
  • Send a notification to IT management on tickets that haven’t been updated in three days. 

This new capability allows you to take your automation to the next level. You can now specify more accurate and timely automated actions, to help drive more visibility into processes that are stuck or at the risk of being delayed and help streamline and accelerate service delivery.  

2. Text-Based Fields Automation Enhancements
This new addition to the SolarWinds Service Desk automation capabilities allows you to set up an automatic action to update text-based fields like titles or descriptions.   
For example, an admin can now set an automation rule to append/prepend an incident’s title with a text field such as [VIP] or [Escalated] to help technicians scan the Incidents Index more quickly or add a text-based field to the beginning or end of an incident’s description to accelerate the service process.  
For more information on how to set up this automation rule, please visit our release notes. 



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