SWSD October 29th: Dynamic Approvals

Dynamic Approvers ensure the correct approvers are in place. One of the more challenging things to do, in any organization, is to keep your service requests and runbooks up to date with the correct approvers. You are now able to build relationships directly on a user’s profile, so your workflows auto-fill the correct approver based on the relationships of roles, rather than the names of individuals. This will help eliminate the need for multiple conditions sets just to make sure the approval gets to the right person. 

For setup information, see Dynamic Approvers 
New update failure notification helps keep your Discovery Agents up to date: Keeping your discovery agents up to date is critical to ensure you’re receiving the latest enhancements, patches, and security fixes. With this release, if we’re unable to update a discovery agent, SolarWinds Service Desk sends you a notification letting you know the update failed and for which agent(s). This gives you the opportunity to then manually update the agents to the latest version.  

For more information, see Discovery Agent Install Failure Summary

Also in this release: 

  • New filters in the custom forms index 
  • Define a range of IPs to scan with network discovery to only scan those IPs 
  • Ability to remove buttons from notification emails 
  • Time tracking submission no longer requires commenting 


See our release notes for additional features. SWSD Release Notes 


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  • The solution is not really work in realistic situation. We have the department, but have to update the Head of Department in each user profile. When a Head of department resigned or transferred, many changes to user profile have to be taken! 

    Why don't develop the system with a Head of Department appointed to each Department? each user profile has a Department. Department is not a free-text, but a pre-defined master data.

    Furthermore, there is custom field as number/numeric/real/integer. It means the ESM is unable to be a real. Unable to set hierarchical approval for ESM, such as: 5000 is under the approval of Head of Department, from 5000 - 50,000 is under the approval of CFO, and over 50,000 must be approved by CEO.

    I has been thinking the Service Desk Team was not supported by internal functional department on the ESM to understand the real ESM process must have.

  • I guess I'm confused about the point of this whole feature.  It sounds like it's supposed to be dynamic and based on relationships, but the example in the documentation is an HR Manager.  This is a mostly static role, and not dependent upon the relationships between users, at least not in my organization. There's a single HR Manager, and every user would have to have the same user set.

  • Hey  
    I am not sure I got your question/use case.
    Once you define the dynamic approvers in the service catalog when requesting this service catalog the approvers will be assigned automatically depending on the role selected related to the assignee/requester. 

    More information can be found: here: https://documentation.solarwinds.com/en/success_center/swsd/content/completeguidetoswsd/dynamicapprovers.htm 

    Please let me know if it clear. if not we can also schedule a meeting, if needed.

  •    Thank you for your question.

    We plan to support organizational define roles as part of our roadmap for all the static roles that effect all the users in the organization, for example CEO, CFO etc.

    What we recommend is that you create a group called CIO and place the CIO in that group. That way you can assign the approval or task to the CIO group and it will send the approval to the CIO.

    You could also create a custom field called CIO, add that field to the user form, and assign the CIO to the field in the user record. This would use the dynamic approvers functionality to point to the CIO field on the user. The only downside of this way is that you have to update the CIO field on each user record instead of just updating the CIO group. 

  • We sync our users from Entra ID (the directory formerly known as Azure AD). I'm trying to work my mind around how Dynamic approvers work, and it still seems manual, but instead of remembering to update umpteen service requests, we just have to remember to update a single role field, and that will update all the SRs?

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