SWSD June 4th Release Highlights: Flexible object relations, multiple asset updates, and Microsoft Defender discovery.

On June 4 we released enhancements to SolarWinds® Service Desk (SWSD). For a complete list of changes, please visit the SolarWinds Service Desk release notes.

Improving impact assessment with more flexible object relation. Relating Service Desk objects to each other can provide significant advantages to problem, incident, release, and change management. Now we have removed the restrictions that barred you from attaching certain objects to other objectsFor example, on a single change, you can now relate multiple incidents, problems, changes, releases, solutions, configuration items, and purchase orders to the object. The same relationships can be created for incidents, releases, and configuration items.  

Save time when updating network assets. We’ve released a quality-of-life update for network asset management. When updates are required to multiple network assets, you can now perform actions such as delete, hide, or update to multiple assets simultaneously. See Networked Devices.  

Improve your risk management posture. Now the SolarWinds Discovery Window Agent detects and adds Microsoft Defender to the list of software found on an asset. Each record includes the standard objects, including software version, date detected, and manufacturer. Admins will now see which Windows devices are either missing Microsoft Defender or running an out-of-date version, which can impact the security risk of your organization. See Software.  


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