SWSD July 16th Release: Mention users from portal, MSI Discovery Agent, and more

Mentioning Users from Portal: After requesting a service request or incident from the portal, you might need to add another member of your team to that incident. Previously, you had to do this via the email thread, or the service agent would have to add them. Now, your requesters can @ mention other users to bring them into the incident. This will allow them to bring in their manager for approval, a coworker for additional information, and more. Roles and permissions for mentioning users


Deployment made easier with MSI: Gone are the days of needing to take the Windows Discovery Agent exe and making it an MSI file externally. We are excited to announce that starting today you can download a MSI version of the Windows Discovery Agent. This will allow you to easily add the agent to your deployments to ensure the agent is on all your computers. This is a part of our efforts to continue to make it easier for you to understand your true asset landscape in your organization. Windows Discovery Agent Installation


Other items released:


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  •  @ Mentioning users from Portal - love this feature update. Don't love that specifics are not provided on enabling this feature for the Requester role. There is a link to the Roles and Permissions FAQ in your post, which serves as a good overview, but can someone please provide the specific permission to add to Requester role? Thank you!

  • We have been using the @ and  it is a great way to identify an individual for a group involved so they can see the comments addressed to them.  Also the alert is copied via email so they receive that alert as well.

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