SolarWinds Service Desk: Unlink Connection to a Jira Record

We are excited to announce that a new enhancement to the SolarWinds Service Desk integration with Jira is now available, with the ability to unlink the connection between a service desk incident and a Jira record

This will increase your agents’ efficiency by giving users the ability to delete the connection between the SolarWinds Service Desk incident and the Jira issue. Moving forward, users will no longer have to contact the SolarWinds support team to unlink a service desk incident from a Jira issue.

This feature is automatically available to all customers who use the Jira integration and does not need any activation.

How It Works:

When on the Incidents record page, an Unlink from Jira button will appear on the Jira Issue section of an incident. 


By clicking Unlink from Jira, a confirmation box will pop up and ask if you wish to permanently delete (i.e. unlink) the connection between the SolarWinds Service Desk incident and the Jira record. 


Once you click on the Delete button, the connection will be deleted and the user will be able to recreate it with another record type. Note that this does not delete the record from Jira. The user will need to do this manually in Jira or contact their Jira administrator (depending on their permissions).

Please note, to link a service desk incident to a Jira record, you need to click the Open in Jira button in the Jira Issue section of an incident. This associates a specific Jira project and issue type (e.g. Bug, Epic, Story, Sub-Task, or Task) to an incident.

As we continue to improve SolarWinds Service Desk, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think about these enhancements!