SolarWinds Service Desk: Token-Based Authentication in Azure AD and New Account Summary Page

We are happy to announce that Microsoft is ready to support Token-Based Authentication for single-sign-on (SSO) and user provisioning integration between SolarWinds Service Desk and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). 

As communicated previously, Token-Based Authentication is a newer and more secure API authentication method than protocols such as HTTP Digest and Basic Auth, which are considered unsafe and can carry security risks. 

As a reminder, we previously announced the End of Life of HTTP Digest and Basic Auth methods for API calls to SolarWinds Service Desk. To avoid any disruption to your API calls, we recommend that you take the steps to transition to token based authentication in your API scripts as well. 

What’s New?

Now, Microsoft will support token based authentication for the SSO integration between SolarWinds Service Desk and Azure AD. This reduces security risks for your organization while allowing you to easily provision users, better control access, and give users seamless access to your service desk.

Please note, once activated by Microsoft, the change to token based authentication does not impact existing Username/Password based configuration since Microsoft will still support this old authentication method for the Azure AD integration with SolarWinds Service Desk for a limited time. However, we recommend switching over to token based authentication as soon as possible.

We’ve also redesigned the Account Summary page to provide more information about your SolarWinds Service Desk account, such as the URL for your account and the data center you’re hosted in. The account URL will make it easier to configure Azure AD with the new authentication approach (see below). The Account Summary page can be accessed by navigating to Setup → Account.


Setting It Up

To set up Token-Based Authentication in Azure AD, you must do the following:

  1. Go to the Account Summary page and get the Account URL for your Service Desk account.
  2. Generate a JSON web token. 
  3. Configure the Token-Based Authentication settings in Azure AD. To do this, you must do the following

- Log into Azure and navigate to Azure Active Directory


- Click on Enterprise applications


- Click on the Samanage Enterprise app


- Click on Provisioning and expand the Admin Credentials section. Here, you will test and create the connection to SolarWinds Service Desk by entering:

  • The secret token, which is the JSON web token you obtained or generated earlier.
  • The Tenant URL, which is the Account URL from the SolarWinds Service Desk Account page



As we continue to improve SolarWinds Service Desk, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think about these enhancements!