SolarWinds Service Desk Product Updates and Enhancements – May 29, 2022

We’re excited to announce the following SolarWinds® Service Desk key feature updates and enhancements. For a complete list, please visit the Service Desk release notes.

Track and Monitor Contracts Easily – IT organizations rely on the most up-to-date and actionable data at their fingertips to ensure stability and business continuity. The reports and analytics built into Service Desk are designed to provide high visibility into your service desk operations, allowing you to pinpoint bottlenecks and address inefficiencies quickly and easily. The “Contract Volume Breakdown Report” now has the “start date” and “end date” fields available to group and stack by. This addition provides better insights and enables tracking and identification of contracts ahead of the expiration date.

Upload Wildcard Certificates and Reduce Down Time – In the latest release, administrators can now upload wildcard SSL certificates from within the SolarWinds Service Desk application within minutes. Technicians no longer need to open support cases when uploading wildcard SSL certificates.

Improve Service Quality Assessments – We introduced a new notification template for approvals and satisfaction surveys a few months back. This new template was designed to be compatible with email protection tools such as Microsoft Safe Links. We’ve added a new setup toggle option, allowing admins to choose between the old and new templates. While the new template provides better compatibility with email security tools, the old template included Approve/Decline or Satisfied/Dissatisfied buttons in the notification itself, which can increase responsiveness.

Search Nodes by Hostname or IP Address Quickly – Want to search or sort nodes by hostname or IP address? Previously this wasn’t possible as the computer index page combined the hostname and IP address into a single column and was used to access the node. We’ve created two columns in the computer index view to separate the hostname from the IP address. Technicians can easily search, filter, and sort based on the hostname or IP address of nodes, and the node hostname will be used to access the node. This feature provides more flexibility for technicians and minimizes time spent on the task at hand.

Improving Accessibility for the Visually Impaired – We are adding the ability for alternative text (alt-text) for images to allow screen readers to read information about images out loud to users. Alternative text is necessary so people who are visually impaired can still access the information provided by an image and understand the purpose of the image.

Easily Hide Unused Custom Fields – Admins leverage custom fields to capture or track additional information in forms or service catalogs. When not in use—but active in forms or catalogs—admins will be able to hide the custom field easily with a click of button.

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