SolarWinds Service Desk Product Updates and Enhancements - March 20, 2022

We’re excited to announce the following SolarWinds® Service Desk key feature updates and enhancements. For a complete list, please visit the Service Desk release notes.

Scale and Efficiency

Easily Import Mobile Assets from Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) on Azure Government Cloud – Microsoft® Endpoint Manager (Intune) helps deliver a modern workplace management approach to keep data secure in the cloud and on-premises. To streamline processes and maximize efficiency, technicians can integrate Microsoft Endpoint Manager with SolarWinds Service Desk (not new). However, rather than installing an additional agent, such as the SolarWinds Service Desk Discovery Agent, technicians can now automatically import mobile assets from Azure Government Cloud to gain complete visibility into all their Service Desk infrastructure. We‘ve added a drop-down selection to the Service Desk Intune integration, allowing admins to use public or government cloud APIs to import assets.

Change Solution Creators as Needed – Once a solution creator has been set, they can’t be updated; well, up until now. We understand people change teams or leave an organization, and as such, admins would like to change the ownership of the solution to another technician. In the latest release, admins now have complete control over the ownership of a solution and can change the technician as needed. With this feature enhancement, end users gain clarity on ownership of the solution and know whom to contact if needed.

Gain Quick Access With a Home Button – Like getting to your favorite page dashboard as quickly as possible? We understand time is of the essence and the need to reach your favorite dashboard or page fast is of paramount importance. To maximize your efficiency and by popular demand, we’ve added a configurable “home button” to the navigation menu and settings tab, enabling you to reach your favorite page with a single click. With this feature, you no longer have to click multiple times to get to your favorite page.

Differentiate Change Request Types With Granular Controls – We’ve enhanced automation rules to enable a technician to distinguish between change requests originating from change catalog items to ad hoc changes. This allows a technician to set priorities and gives better control over non-repetitive changes.

Asset Discovery and Management

Easily Track and Bulk Import Assets for Accurate Inventory – Organizations often buy or acquire a large number of assets, including unopened (stock) computers. You can choose to mass import new computers, contracts, incidents, mobile devices, other assets, and users via a comma-separated value (CSV) file. This enables admins to track their assets for an accurate inventory without the discovery agent/scanner, providing broad visibility into all IT infrastructure under management.

Data Analysis

Improve Incident Report Accuracy – First touch resolution (FTR) incidents that do not go through the resolved state were omitted in the incident reports in the “Resolved By” field. We’ve now added the option to include data by adding a “Closed By” field in the “Group By” and “Stack By” drop-down menus. This will provide technicians with more accurate and complete incident reports, including FTR tickets.


Access Product Documentation Easily – Trying to learn more about SolarWinds Service Desk? Looking for easy access to product documentation? We now have two links to take you to the product documentation site from the Service Desk application. These links are in the drop-down menu of the “Help” section of the left navigation panel and under the user avatar in the top right corner. This now puts the product documentation at the fingertips of any technician.

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