SolarWinds Service Desk Product Updates and Enhancements - June 12, 2022

We’re excited to announce the following SolarWinds® Service Desk key feature updates and enhancements. For a complete list, please visit the Service Desk release notes.

Easily Import Computer Assets from Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) Previously, SolarWinds® Service Desk customers had the ability to integrate with Microsoft® Endpoint Manager (Intune) to import mobile assets. We are now adding the ability to import computer assets. Now, instead of installing an additional discovery agent, technicians can automatically import all their assets into SolarWinds Service Desk and gain complete visibility of their infrastructure.

Quickly Add Collaborators to Automation Rules – Automation rules provide a powerful, yet easy way to trigger actions or escalation points, based on parameters of incoming data or comments made within SWSD. Now, with the newly available “CC” field, a record can be updated by adding members via automation rules “update record action” after a condition is met.

  • Hi both  and , I can shed some light on both of your questions. 

    Some organizations do not want to run another agent on their devices or don't want to deal with deploying another agent. We found that some organizations are good with just the data coming from Intune and decide to not run our Discovery Agent. I 100% agree that if you can and want to run the agent, you should. The data you will get is for sure more rich.

    Currently, we do not update any device that we get from the Discovery Agent or the SCCM integration with the information from Intune because both the agent and SCCM bring in more detailed information. So you do not need to worry about running both the agent and the Intune integration in parallel as we will always take the source with the most information. 

    Let me know if that does not help!


  • Did you ever get clarity on this? We're new to SWSD and the idea of importing our mobile phone assets from Intune into SWSD is appealing but not if the data it pulls in for our Intune-enrolled workstations results in the deletion of attributes the SWSD agent collects for the workstations - that's a step backward. Thanks in advance...

  • Hi!  We're interested in the Intune integration, but I don't have a clear picture of the intent.  It's mentioned that this can be used "instead of installing an additional discovery agent," but it seems like the information pulled is less rich than what we get with the agent.  Is it intended to enrich, or for those who maybe don't care about hardware details?

  • always asking the great questions! Sorry for the delay, I have been out with Covid. Here are some answers to your points!

    • The data is synced every 24 hours. Usually we run the run on our end at midnight so you should have updated information every morning. 
    • It is written into existing fields.
    • The integration acts like the agent and will override any data that you might change. So if you change the owner and the integration reports back a different owner, it will update the owner to reflect the owner in Intune
    • I have to go back and check with engineering but I am pretty sure we update them if they are still in an active state in Intune. 
    • The owner is not created because that would require us to create a new user in your SWSD account. If the owner exists in Azure but not in SWSD, we leave that field blank. 
  • Agreed, having the dynamic user options will make this action much more powerful.

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