SolarWinds Service Desk Product Updates and Enhancements - July 3rd, 2022

We’re excited to announce the following SolarWinds® Service Desk key feature updates and enhancements. For a complete list, please visit the Service Desk release notes.

Copy and paste workflow nodes - Workflows are used to structure and automate service requests delivery. Many services require similar processes. The new copy/paste feature allows you to save time and prevent typing errors, by easily copying workflow "code" from one catalog item to another, or even reuse similar workflows steps within the same process definition, with minimum effort. 

Microsoft Stream Support - Being able to drive your users to more self service is every service desk's goal. Now you are able to use more of your internal videos, that are hosted on Microsoft Stream, to help resolve the everyday issues that arise in your organization. 

Thwack - Symbolize TM, R, and C