SolarWinds Service Desk Late January Feature Release Highlights: User Impersonation, Simplifying Hiding Fields in a Dynamic Form, and Selecting Default Language Directly From Login

Today, January 29, we're excited to release several new capabilities you've requested. Please visit the SolarWinds® Service Desk release notes for more information on today's feature release.

  • Key function for Service Desk administrators: user impersonation. User impersonation allows administrators (and service agent users with impersonation permissions) to access a user's account and operate as if they were logged in as the user, accessing any menus and modules the user has access to. This feature enables the super admin to troubleshoot and support users with other role types and apply changes as the user. See User impersonation.
  • Get small data exports fast. You can directly export fewer than 200 records. If you’re exporting data to a CSV or XML file, you can now download it from the index page instead of receiving an email containing a link after the report has been generated. See List view.
  • Simplify and reduce the work required to hide fields in a dynamic form. This new feature will allow an admin to quickly show or hide fields and significantly reduce the work necessary to manage form logic. Admins will no longer need to add several individual actions to hide all fields at the beginning of the form when setting up and managing the form with logic. See Set up field logic.
  • Better support for multilingual organizations. To better support multilingual/global organizations, we’re adding the ability for users to select their default language directly from login. Users will no longer need to navigate to their profile after logging in to change their default language. See Login for service agent user or Service Portal Home.
  • Hi, the functionality you are looking for is localization which we currently do not support. The language selection currently translates system fields but we do have plans in the future to support localization. That way you can create translations for different languages across the application. I recommending searching our feature requests to see if it's been requested already. If it has been, please vote on the request and if not, please create a new feature request. This gives us better understand of the asks across our customer base.

  • i tested the implemented feature, the system field titles are translated but the content is not. as shown in the below example, 

    So if there is a way in the system to check the preferred language by the requester , We could've make our content in the portal in different language and show it to the users as per their selected language 

    [ requester language is Arabic ] 

  • Hi, with this new feature we take the selection that the requester selects on the login page and assigns it to their user. This will make it so all the system fields are translated to that preferred language. 

    To make sure I fully understand your ask, are you wanting a completely different portal that has all the content translated (localization) and a different set of categories based on the language?

  • Great quality of life features,  regarding the language would it possible to use it as System field, within the configuration to identify the preferred language by the requester? 

    use cases would be to 
    - create a portal view based on the language the user have chosen 

    - Create categories for the requester based on his language ( UI feature ) 

  • Hi  , Thanks for your feedback. We are not familiar with this issue.
    The feature was tested and appears to be working well in other customers' environments with high feature activation rates.

    If you continue to experience this problem, please open a support ticket with detailed screenshots of the workflow. The support team will reach out and try to investigate the issue.


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