SolarWinds Service Desk January Feature Release Highlights: Mapping for Custom Fields in Jira, Automatic Update for the State of an Asset, Update on Recent Slack Integration, and More

Today, January 8, we’re excited to release several new capabilities you’ve been asking for. Please visit the SolarWinds® Service Desk release notes for more information on today’s feature release.

  • Bring the Intune integration together on the connections page with the other asset-importing integrations. The Intune integration is now performed through Setup > Discovery & Assets > Connections. Previously, the Intune integration was accessed via Setup > Integrations > Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune). This should help avoid confusion and provide asset admins with better control and reporting for their computers and mobile devices. See Intune Configuration.
  • Reducing duplicate asset records. We’ve added an automatic update for the state of an asset to change from Disposed to Operational when the asset reports in through the Discovery agent. If an asset previously in the Disposed state reports through the Discovery agent, the state of the existing asset will automatically update to Operational instead of Service Desk creating a new asset record. See Assets Management
  • Service Desk technicians using the Jira integration are no longer limited to mapping to predefined fields. We’ve added mapping for custom fields. A service desk technician will now be able to share ticket information stored in custom fields with the corresponding Jira ticket so more context is available to the engineer working on the ticket. See Jira Integration
  • Quickly see how many monitors a computer is using. The Discovery agent has always been able to collect how many monitors are connected to a computer. We’re now giving you the ability to quickly see how many monitors a computer is using via the computer index. This new column will display how many monitors the computer is using directly on the index. See Computer Index Page
  • ***Important***—Clarification regarding the recently announced Slack Integration. In the Slack marketplace, the app doesn’t appear because it’s taking longer than expected by the Slack team to review and ensure all data is accurate. We’re hopeful this will be resolved shortly, but unfortunately, there’s no ETA for the approval and release. We’ll notify you once it’s released. Want to get going now? There’s no need to wait for the official approval—if you’d like to install it now, you can use this link. Learn more about the recently added Slack Integration.
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