SolarWinds Service Desk Integration with Microsoft Teams

With the latest October release, we added our first phase of the integration between SolarWinds Service Desk and Microsoft Teams. 

The scope of the first phase is a basic but an important one: to allow users (requesters) to open a ticket directly from Teams, exactly like they can do via email.  

This new integration goes hand in hand with the rising trend of letting users continue to use their existing tools, avoiding the need to learn new tools or new collaboration methods. 

If you decide to enable this new integration/collaboration channel, all you need to do is to direct your users to the Microsoft Teams marketplace (AppSource), and have them search for SolarWinds Service Desk. Alternatively, you can share with them this direct link.  

Once they have downloaded and installed the app, they will see on Teams’ left side panel the Solarwind’s logo. Clicking the logo will allow them to start communicating with our Bot.  Currently we support the following commands: Login, Logout, Create Incident and Help. See attached screenshot for further clarification. 

Pressing Login will open a pop-up window where the user will have all the different authentication methods provided by Service Desk to choose from. If the user is defined in several Service Desk accounts, s/he will need to identify the relevant account to work with for this integration, the account name is case sensitive. 


Incidents created from this channel, will have the following value in their incident origin: ‘Microsoft Teams’. You can use this value to understand which or how many tickets are created via the Microsoft Teams channel. You can also use this value in automation rules (e.g., to assign tickets coming from Microsoft Teams to a designated queue).  

Note: Due to a limitation with Microsoft Teams [link] we do not currently support adding an attachment to tickets created via Microsoft Teams.  

We intend to continue to expand this integration to include more functionality. Next on the plan is adding the ability for users to see all of their open tickets as well as take actions on tickets such as: Close ticket, Add Comment, etc.. 


We hope you will find this integration helpful, feel free to leave your comments below. 

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