SolarWinds Service Desk: Export Incident to PDF

SolarWinds Service Desk is happy to announce that the ability to export an incident to a PDF file is now available. As part of our redesign of ITSM Record pages, we are offering a more user-friendly option that makes it easier for you to export incident data.  

While receiving feedback about the ITSM redesign, many of our customers asked for this capability. One of the most requested use cases mentioned by customers was to provide incident data to external users that do not have access to the SolarWinds Service Desk.  

Now, you can provide this information with an easy export to PDF option that also allows you to select the relevant incident information you want to export. 


How to Export to PDF:

You can export an incident to a PDF by:

  1. Navigate to an Incident's Record page (a specific Incident)

  2. Click Actions → Export to PDF

  3. Select the relevant tabs you want to export

Note: This capability is currently available only to Incidents.