SolarWinds Service Desk December Feature Release: DRE Unattended mode support, Remove disabled users from groups

Today, December 11, we’ve released two new capabilities that further simplify Service Desk management. Please visit the SolarWinds Service Desk release notes for more information on today’s feature release.

No need to worry about manually removing disabled users from groups. With today’s release, we will automatically remove disabled users from groups. When a user is disabled, that user is removed from any groups where the user is a member. See the User details page.

Requester’s participation is no longer required to access their machine. With today’s release, we’ve added DRE unattended mode support. Agents who need to access a requester's machine to provide support or a server to deploy a patch can use Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE) without the requester's participation. See Provide support via an unattended remote session.

  • Hi , I will work with engineering to resolve this issue. We went with hiding the users in case that user came back you could enable their user and they would appear back in the groups. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we will work to get it resolved. 

  • The disabled user is still counted in the group count even though they are not visible in the list.  This is confusing when your group count shows as 3 on the All Group page but inside the group there are only 2 names.  Is it possible to update this count as well? Also, why not simply delete the user name from the group rather than hide them?

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