SolarWinds Discovery Enhancements - Improved Chrome OS Integration

SolarWinds Service Desk is excited to announce that enhancements to the SolarWinds Discovery integration with Chrome OS are now available. These enhancements further extend our agentless scanning capabilities and integration with cloud platforms by simplifying the discovery process for Chrome OS devices. 

This integration enables you to import asset data on active Chrome OS devices in Google Admin Console, such as system information and status, into SolarWinds Service Desk (see Figure 1). 

rtaImage (15).png

Figure 1: SolarWinds Service Desk integration with Google Admin Console (Chrome OS)

We’ve improved the integration to better translate and align this asset information with SolarWinds Service Desk, which makes the discovery process faster and easier for your organization. We’ve created a translation table on how the Chrome OS Status maps to the Service Desk Asset State (see Figure 2). 

rtaImage (16).png

Figure 2: Translation between “Chrome OS Status” and “Service Desk Asset Status”


Moreover, we've developed a translation table on how other Chrome OS fields correlate to their respective SolarWinds Service Desk fields (see Figure 3).

rtaImage (17).png

Figure 3: Translation between Chrome OS API and SolarWinds Service Desk fields

In addition, we’ve also updated the Computers section in SolarWinds Service Desk to show asset data on Chrome OS devices. (see Figure 4).

rtaImage (18).png

Figure 4: Asset information on Chrome OS devices in SolarWinds Service Desk


As we continue to improve the SolarWinds Service Desk, we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think about these enhancements!