Redesign of Our ITSM Record Pages - Release Details

SolarWinds Service Desk is excited to announce the next phase in the redesign of our ITSM record pages is now available. These enhancements provide your agents with a more fluid workspace, helping boost productivity and reduce service delivery times. Built to streamline the way your agents work, these new page layouts make it easier to create, analyze, update, and resolve ITSM record pages.

 Here are some of the design goals we are driving for with these changes: 

  • Ensure a consistent, streamlined experience across the entire platform
  • Give agents better ways to view, manage, and update your work 
  • Deliver a more simple, intuitive, and convenient user experience

What’s New?

  • New Tabs Layout for ITSM Record Pages
    • We created a new tabs layout that includes 3 new tabs (Details, Related, Tasks) and inline editing capabilities



  • Redesigned Layout for Creation Pages
    • We updated the creation pages of new ITSM records by simplifying the layout for these pages


  • Default Tabs for ITSM Records
    • You can now customize the default tab seen first when opening an ITSM record page
  • Export Incident to PDF
    • You can now easily export an incident to a PDF file
  • Resolution Box Redesign 
    • The resolution box location and color have been updated. The resolution box color is now based on the color of the resolution state.



Due to the magnitude of this project, we have been releasing these enhancements in a phased approach in order to minimize impact on the day to day operations of your service desk. Make sure to follow this post to see what we’re working on in this project and what’s already been delivered (as well as a little sneak preview into what we’ve got coming next!)

These enhancements have been designed after extensive research and analysis into how agents actually work and include several changes based upon feedback from customers that have activated other redesign enhancements in Labs.   

Now Available

Details Tab 

The new Details Tab contains all the details about the record, including category, subcategory, priority, custom fields, and much more. One thing you will notice in the Details tab is that all the fields are now inline editable!

Labs: ‘New Details Tab’, ‘New Details Tab for additional ITSM objects’

Related Tab 

The new Related Tab includes related Incidents, Problems, Changes, Configurations Items, Releases, Solutions, and Purchase Orders, which have been relocated from the right sidebar to their own tab.

Labs: ‘New Related Items Tab’

Tasks Tab 

The new Tasks Tab enables you to add and view related tasks.

Labs: ‘New Tasks Tab’

Creation Page Redesign 

Redesign of creation pages for Incidents, Problems, Solutions and Releases.

Labs: ‘New Creation Page Layout’

Default Tabs for ITSM Records 

Agents will be able to define the default tab for each ITSM object

Export Incident to PDF 

Export an incident to a PDF file

Process Tasks IndicationIndicate the number of current tasks in the process
Resolution Box RedesignImproved look and feel of the resolution box


Note: we are also adding a new platform application named ‘Related Items’ which will show related items on the right panel of incidents for those who choose to still view related items on the right panel (under Setup->Applications).