Now Available: Dashboard Custom Incidents Widgets & Automation Enhancements

Reporting & Analytics 

  1. Dashboards: Custom Incidents Widgets (Blank Widgets)

Staying on top of your service desk performance metrics is important for both agents and admins. It helps ensure you’re aware of new problems or bottlenecks, balancing workload, focusing on the top priorities, and measuring your capacity and progress.  

The new incident custom widgets allow you to: 
- Select how to group data (by state, site, assignee and so on) 
- Select your preferred view (pie, bars, and list) 

Let’s say you want to create a widget that shows you real-time* data of open incidents grouped by state in a pie chart filtered by certain sites. This will allow you to quickly understand whether there is an irregular activity in one of your sites. 

You can create this view quickly and easily with a new custom widget by using the “Blank Widget” option at the widget menu: 




And then selecting the relevant data grouping, filtering, and view mode:  


* Click here to learn more about the dashboard refresh time per plan.  

Workflow & Automations 

  1. Automation Enhancements

Automation is one of ITIL’s guiding principles, according to which human intervention should only happen where it contributes real value. To help you optimize your service operations, we keep introducing enhancements to our automation functionality and capabilities. 

The following updates will allow you to further automate and customize your unique IT and business needs on the SolarWinds Service Desk:   

  • A more efficient layout: allows you to set up and manage conditions and actions more quickly and easily.


  • Update record: Instead of selecting from a long list of dedicated update record actions, like reassigning a ticket, changing a state, or changing a department – we now offer a general “Update Record” action, as in the Service Catalog and Change Workflows. This helps you set and manage your automation rules much more quickly and easily.  





Your existing automation rules remain as they were and will now appear under one section (instead of a list of different actions).  

  • Now Available in Automations – Update Custom Fields: this allows you to automatically update fields that are unique to your service and operation needs, streamline your workflows and free you and your agents to deal with things that require your expertise.  

In the image below, you can see that both System and Custom fields are now available at the ‘Field’ dropdown menu:



  • Automation Notifications Enhancements: Lastly, all of these new capabilities will not be truly effective without notifying all relevant stakeholders of the automatic updates in real-time. To do that, you can now use the “Send Notification” action – where you can choose between Ad-Hoc Emails and Custom Email Templates: 

- Customized Ad-Hoc Notifications: this new capability allows you to edit the subject line and the body of the email of an ad-hoc notification directly from the automation rule page: 


- Notifications Based on Email Templates: you can now use your custom email templates when setting up automation rules: