ICYMI: SolarWinds Service Desk Q4 2020 Updates

Happy 2021 all!  

If you haven’t had the chance yet to familiarize yourself with the latest updates and enhancements we’ve introduced to SolarWindsRegistered Service Desk—here is a quick recap of the Q4 2020 highlights!  


Agent Productivity 

  • Automatic round-robin ticket assignment: Help shorten queue times, increase agent productivity, save costs, and meet SLAs—while improving the customer service experience. 
  • Notifications enhancements (Labs): Configure and manage all notifications from one place with the new Notifications Index. Check out the newly added notifications, additional formatting capabilities, and the Daily Email Digest.   
  • Redesigned Main Menu (Labs): Check out the redesigned main menu, which aims to make it faster and easier to navigate, helps improve your overall productivity, and offers a more consistent user experience.  


Dashboards and Analytics 

  • Advanced service statistic reports: Track the actual time incidents spend in different states or assigned to each agent to learn more about your service desk’s efficiency, bottlenecks, and workload balance. 
  • Dashboard: new custom widgets: We added the entire set of filters available in the Incident Index to the incident widgets on the dashboard as well. The addition of the filters allows you to slice this information further so you can focus solely on what you need and want to see.   


Workflow and Automation 

  • Automation enhancements: Try out the latest powerful workflow operators with the newly added ability to exclude values and use text fields in automation rules.  


Discovery and CMDB 

  • Discovery and Jamf integration: This new integration gives you visibility into asset data on Apple devices by incorporating asset information from Jamf into SolarWinds Service Desk. 


Employee Engagement 

  • New service portal layout: Check out the updated layout of the service portal! Enjoy a clean and modern look and feel, as well as additional design and content customization.  
  • Requesting changes through the service portal: Allow your employees to view and request a list of predefined and approved changes via the service portal—just like any other service request. 


Let us know what you think about our updates and enhancementsand feel free to reach out if you have questions! 

Quick tip: Look for the “New” button at the top menu when you log in to see the latest features.  



– SolarWinds Service Desk Team