ICYMI: SolarWinds Service Desk Q1 2021 Updates

To make it easier for you to keep track of the latest SolarWinds® Service Desk updates and enhancements, we gathered the highlights from the previous quarter. Check these out and let us know if you have any questions or comments. 

Employee Engagement 

Portal Designer and Custom Widgets: This new functionality offers advanced layouts and design customization—for both the look and feel of the portal and navigation. Use these to support multiple common workflows and navigation between multiple departments’ solutions or service request forms. 

Agent Productivity 

Convert Incidents to Service Requests: Say goodbye to manual copy-pasting, and hello to the new action of the incident module—allowing you to convert Incidents to Service Requests easily! 

Dashboards and Analytics 
Dashboards: New View - Group Custom Widgets: You can now group records by custom fields such as risk or impact to get a clear visual indication of the volume and breakdown of important values you want to mitigate quickly.  

Dashboards: Advanced Service Statistics Widgets: To provide better insights into the performance of your service desk, we’re now offering new dashboard widgets for Service Statistics. A few examples of average metrics you can track through this widget are time to first response, time to resolution, time to closure, time spent per assignee, and more.  

New Incidents Age Distribution ReportYou can use this report to get a better sense of whether you’re carrying a lot of debt or not. In addition, this report can help ensure that older incidents are quickly resolved and don’t fall between the cracks. 


Workflow and Automation 

Create Record Automation Action: This powerful action allows you to create new records such as incidents or ad-hoc changes as a part of your automatic workflows. 

Sending Multiple Notifications: Complex workflows that involve several stakeholders throughout the process require real-time visibility to a request’s status. This new functionality enables the automatic notification of multiple stakeholders all at once.  

Discovery and CMDB 

CMDB API Enhancements: Add or delete dependencies and create new dependencies via the Service Desk API. This helps make it faster and easier for you to add new dependencies between Configuration Items (CIs), remove existing dependencies between CIs, and create brand new CIs.  

Let us know what you think about our updates and enhancementsand feel free to reach out if you have questions! 

Quick tip: Look for the “New” button at the top menu when you log in to see the latest features.  



– SolarWinds Service Desk Team