Employee Engagement and CMDB Enhancements

SolarWinds Service Desk has enhancements to employee engagement and the configuration management database (CMDB) to help deliver better service through the platform.

Employee Engagement

In today's dynamic and remote business environment, providing your employees with quick and convenient ways to solve their problems and answer their questions is key to maintaining your business continuity. With the SolarWinds Service Desk’s portal, you can provide employees with an AI-driven knowledge base to suggest the most relevant solutions and help them fill out their tickets quickly and easily. You can also offer service via chat to optimize your agents’ productivity while minimizing waiting times.

Portal Ticket Updates

In this release we have added the capability to select whether your employees see the subcategory dropdown menu at the portal when submitting a ticket or not. This is handy in cases where you would rather have your own team select the right option as needed – to help keep your index and workflows organized and accurate.

To enable this capability, go to Setup/Service Portal and look for the above section, for configuring categories and subcategories. You can all see our technical documentation for more information on this feature.

Discovery and CMDB

Getting comprehensive visibility into your IT and business environment is important, as this helps you reduce IT overspending, mitigate risks and increase compliance, while improving alignment between your assets and IT service management. In this release, we’ve made improvements to our Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which helps you understand how your underlying infrastructure supports IT service management and impacts the services you provide to employees. 

CMDB Page Enhancements

We have updated the CMDB hierarchy page (under Setup  CI Types) by showing a chevron at all times and relocating the search bar to be under the title of the page. This enhanced user interface makes it easier to navigate our CMDB hierarchy, since it’s simpler to determine if CI types have any children. In addition, the relocated search bar makes it quicker to find specific CI types in the hierarchy. 

For more information on the user experience enhancements to the CMDB hierarchy page, please see our technical documentation.