Email Protection Compatibility and Prioritization of SNMP During Discovery Scans

Email Protection Compatibility:

With the increased focus on email security and malware protection services, web links within email are often redirected to a scanning service to ensure the safety of these links. Some of the notification messages sent by SolarWinds Service Desk (e.g., surveys, approval requests) include single use links that expire as soon as they are accessed.

When these single-use in-email links from Service Desk notifications are evaluated by malware scanners, the links can become unusable. As a user clicks a link to go to an approval page or a survey response page, a “Token Expired” message is displayed instead.

We have now changed the way email notifications work, to prevent malware scanners from prematurely expiring the links. Service Desk notifications are now compatible with email malware protection services such as Microsoft Defender’s Safe Links and Barracuda’s Link Protection. 


Prioritization of SNMP During Discovery Scans:

We found that when using both Nmap and SNMP scanning for discovering assets, that SNMP provided more detailed results. If Nmap results take precedence over SNMP results, discovered asset information is more limited in nature.

To address this situation, we are now giving SNMP information precedence over Nmap. When you use both Nmap and SNMP scans, we will defer to the information coming from the SNMP scan. This will make sure that you always have the most detailed information available for each asset.