Dynamic Rules for Custom Forms (Labs), Create Record Automation Rule (March 14, 2021 Release)

Agent Productivity 

1. Dynamic Rules for Custom Forms (Available in Labs) 

 As part of our ongoing effort to streamline and improve the service process for both agents and requesters, we’re glad to introduce Dynamic Forms. 
Starting today, admins can use custom forms in the Incidents module and design dynamic rules that will display or hide different fields based on the requester’s input.  

For example, you can display different forms for a network incident based on its priority (critical or non-critical), each showing different input fields: 



Another example, for category Hardware, you can show different forms based on whether the user is on a desktop or mobile device. 

This dynamic form capability helps provide requesters with better and highly personalized service experiences and ensures agents get the most actionable information they need. We’re working on adding similar capabilities such as input validation and additional modules such as Service Catalog and others. 

Click here for more information on how to set up dynamic rules.  


Workflow and Automation  

1. Create Record Automation Rule 

You can now automate the creation of ITSM records with the new Create Record action for Automation Rules. This includes the ability to create new incidents and ad-hoc changes in your service desk based on predefined triggers. 


This new capability enables you to create more powerful and customizable automations to support the needs of your organization. This helps you streamline and automate more manual processes, increasing the productivity of your help desk team. In addition, it helps you reduce errors and drive more consistency across your organization.  

Please note the new Create Record action uses variables such as Title, Priority, and Site from the ITSM object that triggered this action. Create Record can also set the Category, Subcategory, and Requester as well as custom fields for the new ITSM object. For more details on this capability, please see our technical documentation.  


Employee Engagement 

1. Edit Option on Catalog Item 

Previously, service catalog items could be edited inline, meaning every edit made by a technician would be saved right away and instantly available to users. We recognize some of you may not want to make updates to service catalog items immediately available to your employees, so we’re giving you the option to turn inline editing off.  

Now, you can decide whether you want to use inline editing or use an Edit button to save your updates before making them available to your users. You can do this by navigating to the Setup Menu -> Global Settings -> Service Desk Settings -> Inline Edit On Service Catalog Items. This enhancement makes it easier for you to support your employees while meeting the requirements of your organization. 


Please note this toggle is turned on by default, and you’ll need to switch it off to use an Edit button instead of inline editing. For more information on this capability, please see our technical documentation.  

For more information on this release of SolarWinds Service Desk, please see our release notes.



Top Comments

  • Very frustrating that Dynamic Rules will not apply to incidents raised via the Service Catalog. I now have a situation where I need one ticket to gather information and a service request to track the process of using the information...

  • We do plan, when we fully release dynamic forms, to support this type of functionality, so that you can dynamically respond to user selections as they fill in a form. 

  • For  Dynamic Rules for Custom Forms, it would also make a lot of sense to prompt the ticket requester for additional information if FieldX was of a specific value. For example, if they select MS Outlook as an impacted application (via custom field) it would be nice to prompt them for the email address, computer name, error, etc... all at once, rather than wait for the technician to ask to update the ticket and have to wait for an answer.