Change Request Templates and Agent Productivity Updates

We know you have limited time and resources, which is why it’s so important to maximize the efficiency of your IT teams. We’ve made several enhancements to help you increase the productivity of your agents, scale support and delivery of IT services, and better serve your employees.

Shared List View

Different views of ITSM index pages in your service desk allow you to customize these pages to your needs and focus on the most critical ITSM records when supporting employees in your organization. We recognize that you may need to share these views with members of your team as well as stakeholders outside of your team.

As a result, we are happy to announce the ability to share custom views of ITSM index pages across your organization! This functionality is currently available in Labs (as ‘List View’) for all or select users and it applies to ITSM index pages including Incidents, Problems, Changes, Releases, Solutions and more.

These capabilities enable your agents to easily create and share custom views of ITSM index pages with relevant stakeholders such as colleagues and other internal IT teams. This increases the productivity of your technicians and improves collaboration across your IT organization since your agents have access to the same views, which helps ensure they’re on the same page. 

For more information on the new Shared List View functionality, please see our technical documentation on customizing your view and the list view capabilities.

Create a Change Request based on a template via the Incident Page

To help you streamline and accelerate change requests and execution, we added the option to request a new change based on one of the approved change catalog items (approved templates) – directly from the Incidents Page.

Inside the Incident Page, click the ‘Related’ tab followed by a click on the ‘Actions’ menu and select ‘Change’. You will then see a popup showing your Change records. Clicking on the “+New” button will open the following menu:


See our technical documentation to learn more about this feature.

Generate Change requests based on a template via the Change API

Some of you have been using the Change API to generate change requests externally. Until today this option was only available for Ad-Hoc changes. With this release we have added the option to do the same for change requests that are based on one of the approved change catalog items (approved templates) as well.

Out of Office for Service Task Users

Starting today, service task users can also set up an out-of-office message by going to the My Account/Settings section. This way you and your team can make sure that nothing falls between the cracks or gets delayed whenever one of you is away. For more information please refer to our technical documentation.