Audit on Permissions, ARM Based (M1) Agent Support for Macs and functionality that is about to get out of Lab

Audit on Permissions:

We added log records in the audit report for all permission changes. This will enable you and your organization to better meet data governance and compliance requirements. Every change to permissions (e.g., adding access to category X) will be recorded in the audit report, showing which user made the change and what was changed. We also moved the audit report to the Setup menu to keep it more secure.


ARM Based (M1) Agent Support for Macs:

While you can install the current Mac discovery agent on the new ARM based (M1) Macs, it requires you to install Rosetta. Starting today, we are introducing an ARM based discovery agent to make installing and managing your assets even easier. This agent will collect the same data points as the current discovery agents. You can read how to install discovery agents here.

Out of Labs notification: 

Be aware, in our next release, that will happen in few weeks, we plan to take out of Labs, and by that making it general available, the ‘Reports UI Updates & Zoom-In Functionality’, we encourage you to test this functionality in advance as it will have some impact on your working experience. Go here to read more.