Agent Productivity Updates - Personal Notification Preferences and More

Agent Productivity 

1. Personal Email Notifications Preferences 

 Service Desk notifications help keep you to up to date with regards to any changes made to records and processes that you collaborate on. With the new advanced Notifications section in your profile, you can now set your personal preferences according to your needs. You can select one, several or all the below notifications: 

  • New Assignment 
  • Mentions 
  • Updates 
  • Changes made by me 


Please note: some email notifications may not be received if they were disabled by the account’s admin. 


2. New! Additional Flexibility for Updating Fields when Converting Incidents to Service Requests 

You can now choose whether to update the assignee, title, and description fields when converting an incident to a Service Request. This way, if the original record did not contain the relevant stakeholders that should be involved or the most accurate description – you can make sure that all is in order upon converting the record.