Agent Productivity Enhancements for Service Desk

SolarWinds Service Desk has released multiple enhancements to agent productivity. 

  1. Queue Management

We’re always looking to help you increase the productivity of your agents and efficiency of your organization. As a result, we are excited to introduce Queue Management to SolarWinds Service Desk! Queues are repositories of shared workloads that help you prioritize, distribute, and assign records such as Incidents, Changes, and Service Requests to your teams. 

These repositories contain multiple work items that are waiting to be assigned and are particularly useful when you want members of your team to share workloads in your service desk. For instance, you can use queues when you have technicians working on Tier 1 incidents, agents assigned to fulfill service requests or even priority tickets that need to be escalated.
 Queue Management.png 

Queues allow your agents to better manage and prioritize their workloads while helping you improve the productivity of your teams. They also reduce wait times for employees by accelerating response times to incidents and other ITSM requests. This helps you enhance the overall employee service experience by improving time to resolution.

For more information on Queue Management, please see our technical documentation that covers when to use queues vs. groups and provides an overview of queues, including how to implement queues in your service desk.

  1. Reassign Approvals

Automation can save us a lot of time, and free us from the burden of repetitive tasks. But in some cases, it’d be best to gain some good old fashion manual control of the wheel – to help set the course to where we need to go right now. If you work with the Service Catalog automatic processes often – you have probably encountered some situations where they’d get stuck. This could happen simply because someone is out of the office (and forgot to turn on their out-of-office status), moved to another department, or even left the organization.

Starting today, admins can reassign approvals at the 'Process' tab of a service request - by clicking the “▼” icon next to the current assignee’s name: 
Re-assign approvals.png 

Once reassigned, a relevant notification will be sent to the previous assignee and the new assignee via email - updating them both regarding this change.   

  1. Change Catalog Items & Service Catalog Tag Inheritance

#tiredofaddingtags to new Change or Service requests? Starting today, any change or service requests that are created from their respective catalog, can automatically include the tags that were set at the respective catalog item. This enhancement will save you time, effort and reduce human error. #yay

To enable this new functionality, admins can use the relevant toggles at the ’Service Desk” settings section:
Change catalog.png