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over 3 years ago

Maintenance Mode Note(s)

I'd like the option of adding a quick note when you suspend a node from monitoring.  We have multiple users and groups and we regularly suspend nodes for various reasons so it would be nice if we could add a note to help someone understand the reasoning a node was suspended.  Say a part was delayed and you only suspended for two hours then the node comes back online during anther shift.  Having mouse cursor pop out with latest note or last x days would be awesome as well. 

  • I upvoted this request, because its needed. Though I've also got a table created on one of our Summary pages showing who put devices into maintenance mode, when, for how long, and the latest note on that device.

    Its proven really helpful.  I started with the data here: Report showing user who unmanaged elements and muted alerts  and built onto it for our needs. It just requires users to put a note in when putting a device in maintenance mode. However if they do not it will be blank.

    Here is the query for a custom query (SWQL) resource added to a page.


    N.Caption as [Node],



    NN.Note as [Note],


    n.DetailsURL AS [_LinkFor_Node],

    '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/Small-' + n.StatusLED AS [_IconFor_Node]


    (select Nodeid, MAX(Timestamp) as "Timestamp"

    from Orion.NodeNotes

    group by Nodeid) X

    JOIN Orion.NodeNotes NN on X.Nodeid=NN.NodeID

    and NN.TimeStamp=X.Timestamp

    JOIN Orion.Nodes N

    on N.Nodeid=NN.NodeID

    JOIN Orion.AlertSuppression oa

    on oa.EntityUri=N.Uri

    where EntityUri not like '%/Interfaces%'

    order by Timestamp desc


  • i second this... its very helpful when there are multiple teams with access to unmanage or mute... recently i had an instance where a number of nodes were left in maintenance but no clue why it was done! although audit logs cant tell who did it  but its even better when we know why was it done, like due to some outage or an existing ticket...