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FEATURE REQUEST - Support for Cisco Wireless Controller C9800-80-K9

FEATURE REQUEST - Support for Cisco Wireless Controller C9800-80-K9

Please reference: Case # - 00476919 NPM 2019.4 unable to identify Cisco Wireless Controller C9800-80-K9

  • Directly from Cisco "TAC" 

    9800 WLCs are not currently compatible with Solar Winds.

     And the following defect has been filed to document that:


    SNMP objects missing for AP neighbor; and radio stats information missing on the controller.

  • I also have the C9800-L-C-K9, it is missing an SNMP OID (according to SW support) that SW used to get heat map info.  The WLC=9800 actually stores the AP ip and mac address in the config. SW should be able to write some type of poller to pull all this data (I hope). The old 5500 series in EOL/EOS. 

  • Additionally, APs registered on the 9800 controllers are not available for heatmaps.  I'm surprised that the 9800 platforms are fully supported yet - they've been GA for 2 years.

  • The Cisco Wireless LAN Controller C9800 (C9800-L-C-K9) is not being recognized as a wireless controller. I can't view APs and Clients like I can for the 5508's. This prevents our wireless monitoring and wireless alerts from working. Please update this so it will be recognized as machine type: Wireless Controller