BMR - the Basic Process to the Same Hardware

The basic process to perform a Bare Metal Recovery is as follows:

  1. In the Cloud Management Console go to Downloads
  2. Download the Bare Metal Recovery executable file
  3. Create the Flash Drive (Min drive size 512MB required)
    1. Double click the .exe file with your USB drive plugged in.
      1. This will ask for additional drivers during the creation process. It’s good if you are using dissimilar hardware.
  4. Set your system to boot from USB.
  5. With the Failed System off and hardwired to the internet, Insert the Flash Drive and turn on the system
  6. Once the Menu appears, test the network connection – it’s a menu option.
  7. Start Backup Manager,  the first option 0.
  8. Click the "Restore" Tab
  9. Click Start Disk Manager button – The system has to be clean in order to do the BMR. Remember BMR only works with Disk 0 as the boot volume.
    1. Type: list disk (enter)
    2. Type: sel disk 0 (enter)
    3. Type: list vol  (enter)  (you’ll see all volumes on Disk 0)
    4. Type:  clean (enter) WARNING: This erases all Volumes on disk 0
    5. Type: list part (All partitions will be gone)
    6. Close the window
  10. In the Backup Manager Console
    1. Choose the "Date and Session Time” for which you want to recover from .
    2. Choose All Volumes you want to recover
    3. Click Restore
      1. This process will run as long as it takes to transfer the data. remember this is transferring the compressed, deduplicated data, so the transfer size will be less than the actual recovered size.
  11. Once the restore is done you can shutdown the system, remove the USB drive, and boot the system.
  12. If you open the Backup Manager from http://localhost:5000 you’ll see that it’s still processing some things and won’t allow you to back up until it’s done. Once it finishes, you can take it out of “Restore Only” mode and “Switch to Standard Mode”, there will be a button indicating this in the Backup Manager console.
  • After that, you are good to go.