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SolarWinds has decided to make the world of backup a better place.  Secure, reliable, fast backups are critical to your organization, but traditional server backup products often make things unnecessarily complex – and expensive.

Managing ever-changing backup storage requirements and complicated configurations, juggling tapes, and checking to be sure each and every backup is successful, can consume hours of your time every week. Now SolarWinds offers a better way.

SolarWinds Backup is a modern, cloud-first backup service that protects both physical and virtual servers. While it’s a new offering here, the product is already trusted by thousands of managed service providers, who have been using it to protect their customers for years.

Please share your feedback, questions and ideas here. We want to hear from you!

  • Excited to see how the product develops in this environment, but is there any link to the existing On-Prem Orion suite? I assume the agent is totally different to the existing Orion Agent, so if we are monitoring all of our servers using this agent, will we now require an additional agent running on the machines that need backup protection, and has it been tested to ensure no conflicts occur between the two said agents?

    If I am reading the documentation correctly, there doesn't seem to be any dependency on you owning SolarWinds Orion in any way shape or form, the only difference between your MSP Offering and this product is that you can now protect on-prem/virtual assets rather than just cloud - is that accurate?


  • @David Smith, Glad to have you taking it for a test drive.  You are correct, No dependance on you owning SolarWinds Orion, but if you are we have guidance on using SolarWinds backup to protect it.

    As with any backup agent, if your running multiple on the same machine you need to be careful not to overlap the schedules because you could damage recoverability of both products.

    Both offerings allow protection of local and remote devices, physical and virtual and both are cloud first solutions, but allow a local storage option to add redundancy and speed restores. 

  • Thanks for the response - looking forward to trialling it!

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