SCM Linux polling issue

I regularly run into issues with Linux polling issues which claim username/passwords are invalid.  The problem seems to NOT be an issue with the Linux servers or the credentials.  The problem seems to be that SCM has a transient issue and stops polling.

The work-around is to change the credential assigned to the element for a short period then change it back.  It does not seem to matter if the new credential is valid  or not.  It is the change that breaks things loose.

This issue happens often enough that I am looking to automate via powershell the process.

My question, is there a way to override the assigned element credential via swis or is the only option to directly update the Orion DB via SQL?

I don't see a settings "override" table exposed via SWQL like I see in the base MSSQL DB ([dbo].[SCM_AssignedElementSettingOverride])

Second question:  Has anyone else seen this behavior and do you have a better solution?

Running 2020.2.6 with latest HF

Creds used to access are all Active Directory accounts

All Linux systems (RHEL 7.9) are AD integrated.

Accounts ALWAYS work on the Linux server when this issue manifests.