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over 2 years ago

Zero Touch Node Deployment

As we deploy more systems in bulk having to take the time to individually configure each of them in Orion is becoming a problem.  Having a Zero Touch node deployment method would be really helpful.  My specific thoughts on this are as follows:

Use an agent that is pre-installed on a VM template so when that VM is deployed the agent automatically checks in and adds itself to Orion.  The agent could use a certificate for the initial authentication.  The agent could also have a "Deployment ID" which would map to a Deployment Template in Orion so Orion could automatically configure the node based on the specifications of the deployment template.

The deployment template would include such things as Custom Properties, Custom Pollers and Application Templates to automatically configure on the node based on the deployment template that the Deployment ID maps to.

Having this would save me a TON of time.