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over 1 year ago

Widget to show triggered actions on a component

Add a widget that allows you to display successful and failed triggered actions on a component (whether via alerts or otherwise).

usefulness: troubleshooting issues with alerting, triggers, etc.

usefulness: ability to show that an alert or event was triggered successfully (audit, etc.)

  • There is a widget at the node level. However, it is at the component within a node that we need this alerting, as there are many alerts that are created at the node level.

  • Yes, failures are where I'm going, as I need to see the attempt=failure code. this exists for nodes but not for components of nodes (cpu, disk, volumes, memory, etc).

  • Would a "failed triggered action" be emails that are not sent, scripts that don't execute, or other assigned actions that fail?

    There is an Event Summary widget that will display the events, which Alerts Triggered is one of them. Having Actions Executed a line item there would be helpful. It would indicate if there is a failure, like SMTP server not available, or node not available for a script to execute.