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over 1 year ago

Update the certificate used for monitoring Linux/Unix Script Monitors

We monitor all of our Linux environment using username and private key under Linux script monitors and have just been working on a way to update the certificate used. We have scripts to push the public key out to the servers.

We have had to write some powershell to update the certificate in the templates and specific monitors that use this method. It took ages for us to work out how to do this, but we did it. Over 500+ templates and components updated in approx 10 seconds.

However, it took over 2weeks to work out how to do this as when you contact support they don't 'support' this.

Is there someway, besides trawling through THWACK, that Solarwinds will support customers with these types of enhancements. There seems to be no way to change the certificate used by a template except for updating the current cert info.

Could this be something written into SAM that will allow you to 'Bulk' update the certificate used for these types of monitor?