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Update "All Alerts This Object Can Trigger" widget to accurately reflect SAM behavior

Solarwinds Support has directed me that the "All Alerts This Object Can Trigger" widget does not work for Applications or components.

However, there is nothing to indicate this limitation when adding widgets to the dashboard.

This is a shame, as this is one of the most valuable widgets out there - knowing what all something could generate an alert for is extremely powerful.

I'd like to request one of two things:

Request 1: Update the Title to reflect that it only works for Nodes, Interfaces, and Volumes

I can edit the title of the widget after the fact to make it clearer, but if I'm throwing together a dashboard I will have to make this edit myself. My suggestion is to just add a parentheses after the name, "(Node/Interface/Volume)." This would be the easiest fix.

Request 2: Update the Widget to work for Applications and Components

While this would require more work, it is far more useful in the long term. If the widget is added to an Application monitor dashboard, have it show any alerts that could be fired. If it is added to a component dashboard, have it show the alerts that specific component can fire. Honestly, this should be expanded to any object in the system, but there are likely many types of objects that I am not familiar with.