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over 2 years ago

Standardisation of Variables Across All Products


This is something that has caught me out quite a few times.  For example sometimes NodeName will be ${NodeName} then othertimes it will be ${Node.NodeName} etc.  It would be nice to have these standardised across all products and also available for use in scripts and other templates (eg Powershell only supports ${IP} and ${CREDENTIAL})

I was wanting to pass ${Community} ${AgentPort} among others for creating a Powershell OID monitor to translate textual values to numerical so that Warning/Critical alerts can be setup based on numerical value.



  • This would seem like an easy fix for the product team. One more...

  • It has been 7 years and looks like it is still not in place. We are planning to enable tons of alerts and integrate it with third party systems. It is annoying that I cannot create a single template and apply it on all. The variable (For ex: IP) is different for hardware, generic node, etc.

    Will I have to find what the variables look like for each type of alert and then create as many conditions as the alerts? That does not seem efficient...!

    In one of my Truesight integration ${IP} did not work...

  • Yes, it should be there. Great idea.

  • I tried to create an email alert to identify when a node is deleted - the alert functioned fine but I can't get the IP address or even Node name because none of the variables are supported the auditing section !!!

    I opened 5 or 6 tickets during the roll-out of a fresh SW implementation - 4 of those were to resolve issues in alerting & reporting , 3 of them cant be resolved at this point and have resulted in feature requests.

    Seems to me like the alerting is far too silo'ed