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Schedule recurring maintenance (unmanage) for nodes and groups

It would be extremely useful to have a function within Orion to schedule recurring maintenance windows for nodes and for groups of nodes.

Examples of use-case scenarios:

  • We have an application that restarts its services for nightly maintenance at 3:00 AM, and should be back up by 3:45 AM.
  • Don't send alerts for non-critical dev/test servers during off business hours (nights and weekends).
  • We have our servers patch on a rotating schedule, with our "Week 1" including non-production servers to be patched on the Sunday following Patch Tuesday. Our production servers are split into 3 groups ("Week {2-4}") that get patched on subsequent Sunday evenings.

As far as I can tell, our only option for achieving this is still (SAM 6.7) to create an SWQL script to unmanage/remanage nodes and run it with Windows Task Scheduler.